Kobash Mat-Gazine

Issue 1.

It all started with a mat. And now Kobash Mats has grown so much thanks to everyone who has supported it.

Now we’ve started a monthly magazine to keep everyone up todate on the happenings at Kobash Mats Headquarters.

We hope you enjoy issue !.

Interview with the founder of Kobash Mats. By Elle.

This is my Mum. The creator of Kobash Mats.  

Mum, what made you start making these mats?

*Mum, well I was hunting around for ages to find a work mat for Kobash. But I couldn’t find anything that I liked that was my style. So I thought I’d try to make my own and see what happened. Then other people asked me to make mats for them. And boom. Kobash Mats was born. 

You only use the best materials you can find right?

*Mum. Yes I do. To make a mat that will last under dog claws and hard ground the materials need to be top quality and durable but also easy to clean. I try to hunt for the best but also the best price too. I’m always on the look out for a bargain.

What are your plans for the future?

*Mum. I never know what will happen. Things just pop up. I’m always surprised by what comes off the table. 

Hello and welcome to Issue 1 of the brand new Kobash Mats Mat-Gazine!

If you are reading this then CONGRATULATIONS!! You’re officially awesome and clea5ly have amazing taste. I’m sure I don’t have to say it, but I will anyway. Kobash Mats are 100% custom, unique and one of a kind. NO one else has the same mat as you. You are the only person EVER to have that particular mat. Oh! I should probably te%l you where the promo code is. EVERYWHERE! On almost every page is a stray letter or number. Find the code and put it together and email it back to us for your special discount! The code will tell you what the discount is. Here is a hint. It may be pretending to be a typo. The sequence could be anywhere, even on the cover! OOPS! I’ve said too much! Coupon valid only till 1/09/2019!

What’s new?

Well I’m glad yOu asked. Here we have the lashes Kobash Mats Collar sets. Collar and matching Wristbands! That’s right. We have a few designs already off the table as viewed here in the images. But more is coming! 

Soon to arrive in these amazing sets will be Harley Quinn, Goku from Dragon Ball Z, more Cheshire Cat patterns and My Little Pony. And it doesn’t stop there!


Also to the list of new items are the brand new and freshly awesome Kobash Mats Ascots!

These unique ascots are like no other. You can thread your dogs collar through the opening or order it with the belting already inserted and adjustable. Easy to clip up with the side release clips. And super easy to wash just like the mats. 

Limited edition designs and patterns. Get them while they last.

Mat Gallery

Want your dog featured in the next edition? Just email us a photo of them (or your cat or reptile) on their mat and we will include them.

Featured Creator. 

Kobash Mats strongly supports other small businesses. So in that light each month we will feature another creator/designer/painter/ small business owner. A little speil about them with some photos and links to their site or page. 

This month Kobash Mats has chosen Charlie who makes custom vests for assistance dogs. We love her work and have vests coming for our boys soon! Her work is amazing and we love seeing what new creation she comes up with. 

So here she is, introducing Charlie

Charlie makes stunning gear for assistance dogs. Her products range from custom collars to bandanas and simply incredible vests. And everything she makes she just gets better and better. Charlie with her business Bugs Pet Boutique teamed up with us here at Kobash Mats to donate to a an assistance dog team in need. Along with a Kobash Mat, Charlie donated one her awesome vests. She’s lovely to work with and just so creative. If you are looking for something special for your beloved fur baby I highly recommend Charlie’s creations. You can find her on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/bugs_pet_boutique/) or FaceBook (https://www.facebook.com/BugsPetBoutique/) and her website(www.bugspetboutique.com)

Do you want to help Kobash Mats help the assistance dog community? 

Kobash Mats wouldn’t have been able to come as far as it has without the assistance and support of the generous people in our lives. Because of the generosity of one amazing lady, we have the second hand industrial sewing machine that makes it possible to sew the mats and make them strong for the special dogs that need them. 

And need them they do. These dogs do incredible jobs. From guiding the blind, alerting the deaf, giving mobility assistance to those with limited mobility, alerting their handlers to oncoming seizures or issues relating to diabetes. They are intelligent and hard working and they love us and we would be able to access the world without them. 

Kobash Mats was designed with them in mind and pet dogs reaping the benefits from them too. They keep the dogs off dirty ground, protect their joints giving them a more comfortable and longer working life,  give them security knowing that no matter where they are when that mat hits the ground that is their spot and they are comfortable and feel safe. They also have positive effects on the handlers because they know that their dog is being looked after and protected. They also get mental health benefits from the colours they’ve chosen and the themes of the mats and also knowing that no one in the world has the same mat that they do. They have the only one and that’s special. 

Here at Kobash Mats Headquarters we try to give donated mats to handlers of low means so that there dog has a good and long lasting work mat. 

But materials are expensive. And sometimes certain items used to make the mats are hard to find. 

Model dog

If you would like to help us here at Kobash Mats donate more mats to those in need these are the items you can send to us. Please don’t send money

Duck canvas (from Spotlight by the meter. Colour black)

Wadding (Also from spotlight on the giant rolls cut by the meter 120-150gsm)

Wadding in the superthin they use for quilting (at least 90cm in width for the super thin mats cut by the meter)

Webbing polyprop 605 25, 32, 38 mm (black for the carry straps, comes in 50m rolls)

Quilting cotton fabric. (if you see a nice fabric you think would make someone a great mat the best fabric for that is quilting cotton) 

Please email or send a message via the faceBook page if you wish to help 🙂

Thank you and love from Kobash Mats Headquarters. 

Find us on FaceBook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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